Keyes Public Schools

3rd and McKnab

P.O. Box 47, Keyes, Ok 73947



Phone: 580-546-7231 Fax: 580-546-7338



Mrs. Linda Bachelor 580-546-7231
Elementry Aide/Library Aide Email Mrs. Linda Bachelor
Mrs. Helen Blackburn 580-546-7231
3rd & 4th Grade Teacher Email Mrs. Helen Blackburn
Mrs. Arlieva Bulls 580-546-7231
High School & Elm. Music/ 2nd grade reading/math teacher Email Mrs. Arlieva Bulls
Mrs. Jessi Caddell 580-546-7231
High School English, Physical Education, and Head Coach Email Mrs. Jessi Caddell
Mrs. Linda Caldwell 580-546-7231
Alt. Ed. & Junior High English, History, and Reading Email Mrs. Linda Caldwell
Mrs. Leslie Cobb 580-546-7231
5th & 6th Grade Teacher Email Mrs. Leslie Cobb
Mrs. Jeannie Cook 580-546-7231
Pre-K and Kindergarten Teacher Email Mrs. Jeannie Cook
Mrs. Sherri Hitchings 580-546-7231
Superintendent Email Mrs. Sherri Hitchings
Ms. Nancy Reed 580-546-7231
Counselor Email Ms. Nancy Reed
Mrs. Samantha Soell 580-546-7231
Superintendent Secretary Email Mrs. Samantha Soell
Mrs. Pam Wiley 580-546-7231
Receptionist Email Mrs. Pam Wiley