Keyes School Sports

Jessi James is the A D. If you need to contact her, she can be found on the faculty page where her email is located. Sports offered are Basketball, Softball and Track.




        The “Golden Rule” – Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, and show respect for them if you expect it yourself. Have an understanding and an appreciation of the rules. We play sports for recreation so lets make it that. Take responsibility for your actions. Recognize and appreciate good performances, especially by the opponent, because applause for opponent’s good play demonstrates generosity and courtesy.

          Exhibit respect for the officials. Officials are impartial arbitrators who perform to the best of their ability to make sure the game is played fair and with the rules. Mistakes made by all those involved are part of the game and must be accepted. If you allow a teammate to cheat, to play dangerously, to argue and scream at officials, you are condoning that behavior. Respect should be given to our opponents players and their fans at all times. Enjoy yourself and encourage enjoyment for others.